Values and benefits of a membership

  • Through the qualification, experience and commitment of each member the Cercle Economique the network idea is living
  • The close cooperation with the Saarbr├╝cken AKW promotes cross-border and large-scale regional orientation
  • In our network, there is a formal and informal exchange of experience and ideas, especially of information relevant to business,
  • The ideology includes the informal access to the services of the Cercle Economique, which are available to all members as a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Active involvement helps to improve your own competitiveness
  • Direct access to decision-makers in the Greater Region is bringing direct benefits and added values
  • Initiation and opening of many new business opportunities, especially for young and small companies under construction
  • Applied practice and exchange of experiences at "equal eye level" strengthens the individual members as well as the entire network
  • The Internet portal with interesting links to members and partners in the Greater Region